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Welcome to Sword Art Online Merch. Thank you for your visit, your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. Sword Art Online has received widespread commercial success, with the light novels having over 26 million copies sold worldwide. The light novel series had good reviews, mainly on later arcs, while other series like Progressive were praised from the beginning. Therefore many people have become its fans and are interested in buying Sword Art Online-related items. But, there’s still a fact you should face that it’s difficult to find a store with such a wide range of products. But here at Sword Art Online Merch, we deliver various kinds of products ranging from Sword Art Online Accessories, Sword Art Online Decoration, Sword Art Online Clothing, and more. We offer it all. Because you are always the first in our store.


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Sword Art Online T-shirt


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A T-shirt has become common clothing in summer. It has become a seasonal garment that people are happy to wear. Sword Art Online T-shirt not only has a variety of colors to choose from, but the lightness of the fabric also makes the wearer feel more free and easy, and elegant. In addition, we offer a private custom service! As long as you upload your photo. And the price is reasonable. Your custom pattern is unique!


Sword Art Online Totebag


I am pleased to tell you that you can buy the Sword Art Online totebag now. This is a secret just between you and me. It's soft, durable, versatile, and available in an array of pictures. The totebag is the most practical bag of our time. It's every girl's go-to for carry-on luggage, school supplies, groceries, and more. Our totebag is custom-fit to provide the best protection for your belongings and they're built with quality materials. They can carry anything from groceries to a laptop, so they're perfect for anyone. Especially, Sword Art Online is the pop element.


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At Sword Art Online Merch all the things we promise revolves around our mission of accommodating an enormous variety of Sword Art Online Merch lovers that may hardly ever discover a place that promotes a wide range of apparel, accessories, and figurines at an affordable price and international shipping for Sword Art Online Merch’s fan show off your love with this amazing anime!


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The Introduction to Sword Art Online


Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec. In 2022, the scientific and technological power of mankind will be able to create a complete cyber virtual space. The electronic machinery manufacturer "ARGUS" has developed a new generation of civilian terminals called "NERvGear", which enables full cyber virtual space stealth to be used in general online games, and "SAO" - Sword Art Online is the first large-scale VRMMO to utilize this advanced technology.


Kirigaya Kazuto, the fictional character and the protagonist of Sword Art Online is one of the pioneer players who used NERvGear to play "SAO". He was lucky enough to qualify for the closed beta test, and couldn't wait to put on the helmet-shaped "NERvGear" on the day the game was officially launched. But soon, the joy of novelty turns into the unrest of the unknown. Four hours after SAO was officially launched, Kazuren, who was teaming up with friends, discovered that the "exit" command that existed during the beta test had disappeared from the command control panel. Although Kazuto thought it was just a temporary system bug and didn't care. But, he and other players were teleported to the starting place of the game - the starting square soon. And the scientific genius who claims to be the designer of the SAO game is waiting for them in the square is - the death game of "Kayaba Akihiko". It is a normal phenomenon of the game that you cannot quit the game. Achieve the "Complete Clearance" - is the only way to leave this world. In addition, when Game Over or trying to take off the NERvGear in the game, the real player will immediately be destroyed by the high-power microwaves emitted by the NERvGear and die.


The sudden fear caused the death toll to exceed 2,000 in the first month. However, gradually, players became accustomed to this real virtual world.